Pesto Paneer

This is a delicious sandwich made from pesto & paneer , pesto paneer is perfect sandwich for quick breakfast. Ingredients are  salted french fries with ketchup etc.

Lattuce, pesto paneer, caramelized onion, black paper, garlic mayo and feta cheese are inbuildin this sandwich.


Cold Egg Sandwich

Cold egg sandwich is generaly used in rainy days but it is also make a delicious taste all of the year. It is loaded with egg , mayonies etc.  Cold egg is served  in breakfast .


Chicken Double Decker

Double decker chicken sandwich layered with plenty of cheese cheese spaghetti sauce sauce and a double serving to of crisp cooked chicken from oh my yum!

Ingredients of chicken double decker sandwich built with lettuce, chicken, garlic mayo, grade onion, cheese slice, dried tomato and fresh tomato.

Veg Sandwich

Veg sandwich is a type of vegetarian sandwich it is contains of several vegetables include with mashroom, cucumber, lettuce, black paper and cheese.

"Pesto Paneer"

"Cold Egg Sandwich"