Express Kebab Wraps

Experience the best grilled and wraped express kebab wraps, we make every item with fresh ingredients. Kebab wraps ingredients are tortilla bread, sheek kebab, onoin, capsicum, lettuce, coriander, mint sauce, tandoori sauce.


Grill Chicken Wraps

Grill Chicken wraps can be best option for the diabetic person and grill chicken wraps is one of them, it is loaded with vaggies. It all depends on ingredienta which is use to make. Best diabetic wraps made with tortilla bread, lettuce, onion, tomato, bell pepper, jalapenos & english mustard.


The Hummus & Falafel Wraps

Hummus & falafel wraps are known as veg wraps , also known as middle eastern style food. Tortilla bread, bell pepper, onion, tzatziki and lettuce with oily garlic are the ingredients of hummus &falafel wraps.

"The Hummus & Falafel Wraps"

"Express Kabab Wraps"